PF: Colorado Landscape


June 2010.

I don’t recall the exact location, but my guess is that it’s either a view either from near Red Rocks or the Cave of the Wind.


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SPT: Island in the Stream 28 July 2016

While you can work this image into any kind of story, my initial reaction is for a fantasy setting, which will flavor some of my questions below…

Let’s do some world building:

What is this place? What is around it (beyond the scope of the picture)? A remote stretch of distant coastline, or along the shore of a huge lake or inlet? If it’s a stretch of coast, is this when the tide is low, or high? Is it’s location a guarded secret, common knowledge, or a suggested idea (“there was this place, but no one’s been there in years…” sort of thing)? How might someone get to this place?

What’s with the “island” in the center? (Stretch the scale.) What else might be there, besides the tree?

Now, why might someone go to this place? (My initial thought was a wizard’s keep on the “island”, but it could be some other recluse with information, or an outpost, or simply lost.)

What happens when the person gets here? Is this really where they wanted to be, or are they a few miles off? Or is there some kind of illusion masking what might truly be there? How does the person react – both upon arrival, and as their time there unfolds.

Then what happens?

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Creepin Up the Backstairs on MVM

I’ve mentioned my affinity for The Fratellis’ music before. (In fact, almost a year after their last album dropped, I’m still playing it all day on repeat while at work.)

This track is off of their first album.

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PF: Stanley Beach, 2008


IIRC, this is from the “top” of Stanley Island (UK Territory), near the remains of an artillery post, overlooking a stretch of beach.

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SPT: Abandoned in a Gully

Let’s do some world building:

Consider the above… What was it? What is it now? (Besides a “ruin” – is someone or something squatting in it? Using it for illicit activities? Or just for hiding out, a personal safe zone/secret place?) What’s around it, beyond the scope of the picture? How might someone get to this place? Is it’s location a guarded secret, common knowledge, or a suggested idea (“there was this place, but no one’s been there in years…” sort of thing).

Now, consider a character. What is their relationship to the place? Why might they go there (see suggestions above, or go with something different)? If it’s a new place for the character, what is their reaction when they find it? When they explore it?

Depending on the relationship they have, what happens when someone or something else arrives?

Now write that…

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Eat You Alive on MVM

This was the lead single from their Results May Vary album. Despite the less than stellar reviews, I actually liked the album – specifically because of the reasons critics seemed not to. I’ve always seen the album as an attempt to try different things, musically…as an artistic growth album, you might say. A decade on, I’m most likely to still actually listen to this one all the way through.

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PF: Cemetery Statue


Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 2008.

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SPT: Maintenance

What kind of craft is that – a fighter? A scout? Is it built for distance, or to be kept close to larger bases? How many crew?

Consider the background of the image. Others of the craft van be seen in through the haze. Is this part of a fleet/military site, or a “commuter” landing pad at an outpost/space port?

Now, consider the individuals standing around the craft. Are they flight crew, or ground crew prepping for the pilot. What are they preparing for?

Then what happens?

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Scrivener for iOS…almost here!

One of the things that helped me get through my MFA program was a little piece of software called Scrivener. I’ve talked about it before…I won’t bore those that aren’t interested in it. No, this is for those of you that just might be interested to know that the iOS version of the app will be out – NEXT WEEK!

Posted late yesterday [7/13] from their blog:

Apple has approved Scrivener for sale on the iOS App Store, so we can now give an official release date: 20th July. To recap the details:

  • Price: $19.99
  • Release date: 20th July
  • Requirements: any device running iOS 9.0 or above (iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Available in all the same territories as we sell our macOS version on the Mac App Store. (Note that 1.0’s UI is English-only, but we will be adding other languages in a free update.)

Why, yes… I will be watching for it, how could you tell?

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PF: Penguins, Lounging

Because even penguins like to lay out at the beach.

January, 2009, Southern Chile

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