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Upside Down & Inside Out on MVM

OK GO is one of those groups that I discovered based on the trending of the novelty of an early music video. This is one of their more recent efforts and, pun intended, they take their choreography to a higher level.

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Poison on MVM

Not that Poison, but Alice Cooper’s.

While he has a career spanning back to the 1960s (an, yes, it seems he’s still making new music), there are (currently) only a handful of tracks that I can name… This one is his stand-out single the 80’s.


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Immortals on MVM

One of the Eldest’s favorite movies, for much of early 2015, was Big Hero 6. This track, from Fall Out Boy – if you’ve not sen the movie – is… I hesitate to call it the theme song, but it is the only non-instrumental on the soundtrack.

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Welcome to the Jungle on MVM

It seems that since starting the MVM series, I’ve not had a G’n’R track listed, so let’s remedy that, shall we? With rumors circulating a few months ago that the original Appetite era Guns and Roses lineup would be getting back together (for a tour, at least), here’s one of their biggest tracks from the album.

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Superheroes on MVM

The Script, with a video filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Run on MVM

A year ago, I asked folks for some suggestions for (actual) Irish groups – besides U2 or the Cranberries – since I am no longer as reliant on radio discoveries like I used to be. Fellow VP 2012 alum Lauren Roy suggested this one, from Snow Patrol.

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Vertigo on MVM

“Vertigo” was the lead single from U2’s 2004 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. It was mainly known, at the time, as “that song from the iPod commercials,” so it was everywhere. It still kicks ass.

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Glen Hansard on MVM

Hansard is likely best know for his involvement in a little independent film that seemed to take the world by storm. The film garnered several Oscar nominations, including a win for Best Original Song, as well as a reinterpretation for a run on Broadway. I’m talking about Once, just in case you didn’t know.

Easily half of the soundtrack frequently makes it onto traveling playlists, most of which features Hansard on vocals, which is why I’ve decided to share a double this week.

Falling Slowly (Note: NOT with his costar from the movie.)

When Your Mind’s Made Up (WITH his costar, as their group The Swell Season.)

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Have a Nice Day on MVM

Do what Bon Jovi says on this Leap Year day.

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Unforgiven on MVM

It seems there are two versions of Metallica’s Unforgiven, a longer “theatrical” version, or the slightly shorter one below.

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