The Year in Words (The Reading List): 2022-2027

Because the first of these became a bear to scroll through, after a while – it did cover a decade, after all – I’ve shifted to five-year listings. At an average of 40-odd books per year, even with two columns, it might still be a bit of a bear to scroll through. That being said…

The one constant for a writer, besides actually, you know, writing stuff, is reading stuff.  This is the running list of books that have been run through during the year, as well as years past.

How it works: The books are listed under the year completed, by when they were completed (older at the bottom).  If it’s a book I have read before, it will be marked as “reread” (R).  This also assumes I’m reading a “dead-tree edition” unless there is an “(E)” next to it, for an ebook edition, or an “(A)” to indicate an Audiobook. “GN” indicates Graphic Novels or comic omnibus editions.

“O#” will be used to reference an Omnibus edition of books and how many books were collected, only if I read through the entire volume consecutively, with a footnote for the year it was read indicating the titles collected.

Due to the nature of my habits and my “To Be Read” stack, I am no longer listing the ones in progress, only the books that have been completed.

2022: 29 (14 Audiobook), with 1 Reread

  Colin O’Brady: The 12 Hour Walk
Terry Pratchett: The Light Fantastic Elizabeth Hyde Stevens: Make Art Make Money (A)
Victoria Thompson: Murder on Lennox Hill Jonas Salzgeber: The Little Book of Stoicism (A)
Jim Butcher: Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours (A) Jane K. Cleland: Mastering Plot Twists
George R.R. Martin (ed): Wild Cards I (A) Bill Brill & Mike Krzyzewski: A Season is a Lifetime (R)
Victoria Thompson: Murder on Marble Row Brian McClellan: Uncanny Collateral (A)
C.S. Lewis: The Screwtape Letters (A) Ian S. Port: The Birth of Loud (A)
John Scalzi: The Kaiju Preservation Society (A) Wesley Chu: Time Salvager (A)
Caitlin Starling: The Luminous Dead Mike Sielski: The Rise: Kobe Bryant and the Pursuit of Immortality
Peter F. Hamilton & Gareth L. Powell: Light Chaser Charles Stross: Escape from Yokai Land
John Dixon: Devil’s Pocket Brent Spiner: Fan Fiction
Brandon Sanderson: Skyward (A) Marie Brennan: Tropic of Serpents (A)
Jim Butcher: Ghost Story (A) V.M. Burns: Killer Words
Victoria Thompson: City of Shadows Carrie Vaughn: Kitty Takes a Holiday (A)
Alafair Burke (ed): The Best American Mystery & Suspense 2021 John Scalzi: The Consuming Fire (A)
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