Echoes from the darkness

A silent room. The squawk and squeal of a microphone being tapped. “Hello? Is this on?”

It’s been a hell of a couple of years, huh? Between the global shit-storm that was 2020, and *ahem* challenging local (US) issues of the previous administration. Then add in juggling a home-life with three kids (now 9 & 7), and other personal issues that I’m finally trying to work through and comes to grips with (when you want to do so much, and know that you can, but choose not to for a variety of reasons, there’s a bunch of negative vibes that start a wicked cycle to break out of).

In all of that, while I’ve wanted to post here about things, I had neither the mental energy (at the time) nor the inclination. Since I was struggling (and failing) to work on a variety of personal projects, thoughts of posting here triggered guilt over not doing the other projects (like, prose), and avoidance was the strategy, because it was easier.

I continued to make updates to my “Books Read” list, because I was still consuming on that side.

I’m slowly getting some creative life back, and desires to make and write and post. I’m trying to act with some degree of intentionality where I can. I have things to write, here, and intend to continue. I’m working on the back side to clean up a bunch of “draft” posts I had started years ago that are either empty placeholders, or were things that had an image that has since moved.

All that to say that while it’s been quiet here, and generally dark, there will be more coming.

Stay tuned, but be patient.

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