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SPT: Island in the Stream 28 July 2016

While you can work this image into any kind of story, my initial reaction is for a fantasy setting, which will flavor some of my questions below…

Let’s do some world building:

What is this place? What is around it (beyond the scope of the picture)? A remote stretch of distant coastline, or along the shore of a huge lake or inlet? If it’s a stretch of coast, is this when the tide is low, or high? Is it’s location a guarded secret, common knowledge, or a suggested idea (“there was this place, but no one’s been there in years…” sort of thing)? How might someone get to this place?

What’s with the “island” in the center? (Stretch the scale.) What else might be there, besides the tree?

Now, why might someone go to this place? (My initial thought was a wizard’s keep on the “island”, but it could be some other recluse with information, or an outpost, or simply lost.)

What happens when the person gets here? Is this really where they wanted to be, or are they a few miles off? Or is there some kind of illusion masking what might truly be there? How does the person react – both upon arrival, and as their time there unfolds.

Then what happens?


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