SPT: Abandoned in a Gully

Let’s do some world building:

Consider the above… What was it? What is it now? (Besides a “ruin” – is someone or something squatting in it? Using it for illicit activities? Or just for hiding out, a personal safe zone/secret place?) What’s around it, beyond the scope of the picture? How might someone get to this place? Is it’s location a guarded secret, common knowledge, or a suggested idea (“there was this place, but no one’s been there in years…” sort of thing).

Now, consider a character. What is their relationship to the place? Why might they go there (see suggestions above, or go with something different)? If it’s a new place for the character, what is their reaction when they find it? When they explore it?

Depending on the relationship they have, what happens when someone or something else arrives?

Now write that…

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