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SPT: Maintenance

What kind of craft is that – a fighter? A scout? Is it built for distance, or to be kept close to larger bases? How many crew?

Consider the background of the image. Others of the craft van be seen in through the haze. Is this part of a fleet/military site, or a “commuter” landing pad at an outpost/space port?

Now, consider the individuals standing around the craft. Are they flight crew, or ground crew prepping for the pilot. What are they preparing for?

Then what happens?


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Scrivener for iOS…almost here!

One of the things that helped me get through my MFA program was a little piece of software called Scrivener. I’ve talked about it before…I won’t bore those that aren’t interested in it. No, this is for those of you that just might be interested to know that the iOS version of the app will be out – NEXT WEEK!

Posted late yesterday [7/13] from their blog:

Apple has approved Scrivener for sale on the iOS App Store, so we can now give an official release date: 20th July. To recap the details:

  • Price: $19.99
  • Release date: 20th July
  • Requirements: any device running iOS 9.0 or above (iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Available in all the same territories as we sell our macOS version on the Mac App Store. (Note that 1.0’s UI is English-only, but we will be adding other languages in a free update.)

Why, yes… I will be watching for it, how could you tell?

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